Friday, January 25, 2013

Fairchild Gardens Walkway Display - Picture

When you are in a garden, stop to smell the Orchids.

I had not seen a Rose all day at Fairchild Gardens, that isn't their thing.  Not exotic enough. 

While I do have a Rose in the backyard, and it needs trimming, I have more orchids back there than that. Besides, Roses will grow in every State of the Union, Orchids are much more fussy than that.

The name I gave this picture is fairly bland, I don't know the sort of flowers that were growing against the trunk of that tree, but that is part of the charm of the place I guess.   There's so much going on that the Orchids are merely commonplace. 

By the way, most Orchids don't have a scent.  The ones in my yard don't, although I have my eyes open for a Vanilla Orchid and they do have a fragrance.  Beautiful white flowers on a Vanilla Orchid.

Definitely not native species, but still quite nice to see.

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