Thursday, January 10, 2013

What To Do When The Caffeine Works Too Well

Oh yes, I love my coffee in the morning.
I also love my Iced Tea in the morning.

Why not both?  Iced tea is weaker than coffee right?

I have mostly Decaf coffee for starters.  Over a year ago, I was given for Xmas a large mug.  This thing is amazing.  It started out green but riding through the dishwasher turned it silver as the green bits melted off.   No problem, still works like a champ!

Why is it so amazing?  It's a mug that I can use like a French Press.   Add three scoops of my own home roasted espresso ground coffee, three packets of sweetener, two level teaspoons of creamer.  Add roughly 16 ounces of boiling water.   Stir for four and a half minutes.  Top off with four ice cubes.  Replace plunger.

It's a French Press that you can drink directly out of.  Neat trick, huh?  The ultimate travel mug.

So I don't end up bouncing off of walls and redesigning the layout of my house as a result, it is one scoop real and two scoops decaf.  Tastes real to me...

But while I'm doing that, I've learned how to rightsize a glass of Iced Tea.  To a quart mason jar, add 5 grams (rounded teaspoon roughly) of tea leaves.  Add 2 cups (1 pint) of boiling water.  Cap the jar and give it a couple shakes.

Except... the tea is Assam tea.  Think deep dark tea.  Slightly astringent.  Rich Flavor.  As much caffeine as regular coffee or a shot of espresso.

WHEEEEE!  32 ounce glass of the stuff...

You see the longer you brew your tea, the more caffeine leeches out of those little leaves that look like lawn clippings.  I brew the coffee and the tea at the same time and the tea usually sits on the counter for about an hour.  Or more.  Depends if I am going out back to look at the orchids or the pool or the Mango tree.

Ooooh Mango!

This stuff has twice the amount of caffeine as the mass market tea you get out at the shops.

I have a 1/2 Kilogram Bag of the stuff.   It's a bit more than a pound.   I got it when I couldn't find my Oolong at a decent price.

Actually I got that, a different Oolong, and a box of Gunpowder Green Tea at the same time.

Who can drink 1 1/2 Kilograms of Loose Leaf Teas?   Yours Truly.  Always buy in bulk when you get a good price!

So if you see a big blur running around town today, say hi.

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