Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cold Climate Walk In Freezer Space - Humor

I was talking with my cousin from Nebraska earlier today and he reminded me of a little trick we used to do up in Pennsylvania.

Can't do it here.  I'm in Florida.  You see it went all the way down to 60 yesterday.  My pool is hovering in the high 50s now. 

We would do our shopping in bulk.  I aggressively shop the coupons and the "deals" at the big box warehouse stores.   Doing that has managed to cut our food budget down by about a quarter to a third depending on whether or not we're needing something that I'd call derisively a luxury.

The problem with shopping coupons is that it is what THEY want you to get.  Farmer Douglas has a good year and too many chickens are raised so you get a special deal on roasters at 1.19 a pound.  There's a glut on corn so there's another brick of 8 cans in the pantry. 

You know that sort of thing.

I also bake, so if there's a good season for fruit, I'll be making jams and jellies and baking cookies.

That means the freezer gets stuffed.

You can tell when someone buys too much in a cold climate.  Look out back, the yard is covered with snow and cans of soda.  The cooler went out back in November and was filled one year with chicken parts, frozen ravioli, snow and a block of concrete would be set on top.  Since I was in an urban area it would keep the critters out, both two and four legged.

So now my mind is going a little nutty.   I have a pool in the back yard.  Nice big Cement Pond since I moved to Bev-er-lee with Granny on the roof of the car.  Now, I'm looking for a net bag.  There's a six-pack of soda that's getting tossed into the pool and will get tied up to the ladder in the deep end so nobody will freak out when they see cans floating around.

It's been a long holiday weekend and my refrigerator is stuffed.  If it were Pennsylvania, I'd be getting that cooler out of the basement again and filling it with snow and leftovers and so on.

Come to think of it that chicken from last night was particularly excellent.  Hey?  When's lunch again?

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