Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fairchild Gardens Flowers in Bloom - Picture

When you're walking around in a tropical garden stuffed full of exotics, you never know what you will discover around the corner.

When I went to Fairchild Tropical Gardens, I was walking with friends and madly taking pictures of everything I found remotely interesting.   There was a riot of color everywhere, beauty literally under each rock.

I was going through my camera's chip looking for a picture to post and thought "Ooh, Pretty Purple Flowers".   Sure, that's a bit pedantic, but accurate.   Then I began to look at the picture itself.

This particular picture became a learning experience for me.  I'm learning how to use Photoshop instead of my Open Source programs like GIMP and Inkscape.   I could have made my little titles in those programs in just a few minutes, but Photoshop forced me to slow down and actually look at the play of the different colors and shading and appreciate the beauty in this clump of flowers.

Funny how Technology and my inexperience in this particular piece of software forced me to appreciate the natural.

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