Monday, October 7, 2013

The Sink Is Full, The Grill is in the Yard, and the Lawn is Cut

When we were kids, we knew that we had a good weekend when Monday hit and we were tired.  

We'd have skinned knees, or new scratches, or some fresh mud on our sneakers, and we were happy.

Especially the mud.  There was this wetland near the house with a high spot that was dry.  We'd go out in the tall grasses, through the mud, and get to the high spot.   It was "Our Island Home" with a roof of brambles that in season would give sweet blackberries and shelter from the sun.

Later, we went to college and weekends were spent studying, or at a party.  I think they scheduled those 8AM lectures just to make sure that the Freshmen would fail out early and move on to a different school leaving behind piles of cash - on purpose.  You could tell who would make it by how "hearty" they would party.

Life moved on, people did finally graduate, things would settle out.   You have your responsibilities no matter who you are and where you are.  Some of that is chosen, the rest is due to the path that you have been given.  Nature vs nurture, but all mixed up in the soup called life.

Part of that settling would get rid of some cherished traditions that felt stale.  Traditions that no longer added to your life other than holding you back.  

You eventually hit a rhythm.   You're in a groove.  That's the basis of that old '60s word that some people cling to, others are trying to bring back, and I chuckle at.


Things are falling into place.

Then one Monday Morning, you get up late.   You're out doing your normal schedule but you run into some people who you don't normally see.  It's a time to get caught up with these friends.  That is when the question hits.

"So, how was your weekend?"

I had a pat response.  "Must have been a good one.  The sink is full, the grill is in the yard, and the lawn's cut!".

"Oh...Kay then."

Yep, that's life in suburbia.   It's easy to judge when it has been a good weekend.  The 20s college buzz has turned into the settled "I've gotten my chores done and the food's been made.".

Sure, it's a grumble when you've forgotten to "tidy up" after visiting with the neighbors, or grilling just the perfect Jerked Chicken with Rice, but it's a good grumble because you chose it.  

So lend a hand.  If you're going to hover, you had better learn how to load a dishwasher.   After all, it takes a full dishwasher to make for a good Suburban Weekend.

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