Thursday, October 10, 2013

1500 Posts? Is It Time For A Vacation Yet?

Yep, you read right.   This is my 1500th post.

Good grief.

This blog started July 30, 2009.  I don't know what I had in mind then, but basically that one post just said hello and promised more.

Whether anyone wanted more or not didn't matter, here it is.

I took a bit of a rest, cleared my head and then came back to it about a month later.  First a random post here, another there, then three times a week.

The blog has been at least one article, or joke, every day since September 11, 2009. 

All 1500 of them.

It seems traditional to give a review of the most popular articles each time you do one of these things.  I've had a few bizarrely popular articles.  It seems to show what this blog is about. 

Recipes, Reviews, and Pictures.  

The number one post was my recipe for Biscuits.   It is lifted right from the back of the Gold Medal Self Rising Biscuit bag, and it gets hit almost every day by some cook somewhere.  Let me tell you, they're mind-bendingly good, but you really do need to go and find the post on how to make butter in the food processor.   Add them together and it's something that is an experience.

The second most read post is a picture of an Impatiens flower.   We had them in a pot in front of the door that now has some succulents that were given to us a while back.  The thing is that the irrigation flooded the pot every morning and one of the seeds ended up in the little "ditch" in front of the front garden.   That flower's gone but not forgotten.   Maybe we should try them again - only if we can keep the snails out!

Number three?  It's a recipe.  More accurately a review of my own ineptness.   I tried making Pineapple Jelly out of some leftover cans from Hurricane Season.  I got a slurry that was tasty but way too loose.   I re-cooked that jelly and it thickened nicely.   After discussing it with a friend in Atlanta, Craig just told me to send it to him.  He said he enjoyed the slurry on ice-cream like a topping.   Waste not, Want not!

To round out the top five, I have two tech articles.   One told you how to stop hotmail from doing annoying things, another reviewed a website called .   Hotmail is "dead", having been co-opted into the supremely annoying  SimplyHired is a job search website that I really don't care for.  Yet another "aggregator" of jobs that I look at to see if I missed anything.

These tech articles tend to have "staying power".  In fact all of the top five posts were not very popular when I wrote them but they get hit frequently.  People seek out help all the time online and anything like that will get read over and over by people who stumble over the same problems you have.  Someone out there has found the problem, may have figured out the solution, and will follow up by writing a page or three.

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