Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale, Here's Your Coffee

It's October 2013.  David has arrived for his April 2013 Vacation.

It's also one of those things.  Schedules change and life gets in the way.  April slid into May and we were not really set  for having visitors in those two months.   Lettie left, Rack arrived...

The Summer is a busy season for the locals in Key West.  All you people coming from other places in the cooler weather thinking that life's all Margaritaville forget that sometimes you have to pick up the palm fronds, repair fences, and pick up the beer bottles that got left behind.   That job still will happen whether you like to go outside and do it or not.  

My own version of that was the Power Washing of the deck that isn't quite finished.

Yeah, I'll get to it.  Chill out and have a glass of iced tea.   Sorry, we don't generally keep the "hard stuff" in the house.

The Hurricane Season peaked and began to ebb.  Now the cooler parts of the day are absolutely perfect.   You have arrived for our Secret Season.   Snowbirds haven't yet fled the frozen tundra of the North.  They're still bragging about their Fall Colors, and this would have been the week to take the roof off of the Jeep and drive up the Delaware River to the Water Gap and have a picnic on the little park by the water.

But you're here now, let's settle in and have a chat.  Talk about times gone by.  Brother-From-Another-Mother, we've known each other since the mid '80s.  I was on vacation, you stayed there ever since.

It's good having you here.  I roasted for you this morning a special "Half-Caff" blend.  Estate Grown Guatemalan Regular and Decaf in equal parts to a Full City Roast.  Enjoy that, no I don't need the jar back, and we can "Do Lunch" later.

You're leaving after a long weekend?  Sorry to hear that, we'll have to make it count.

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