Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Funeral Director Joke

A Funeral Director Joke

A man died one day and his wife went to the funeral home to make the necessary arrangements. The funeral home director asked her if there's anything she thinks her husband would have wished for his funeral.

"Actually there is something", she said. "We've always had this plan that one day we'll travel together to Italy and he would get one of those beautiful custom tailored black silk suits that only the best tailors from Milan can make. Since he was always busy and we never had this opportunity I'd really like to fulfill this one last thing for him."

"Okay", says the director. "I have some connections. I will do my best."

The day of the funeral comes and the deceased is wearing a perfect black silk suit during the viewing. It's everything his wife could have hoped for so afterwards she goes to the funeral director and tells him how touched she was and if he could tell her how much everything is going to cost.

"Actually I am not going to charge you anything for the suit.", he says. "Sometimes things just work out in life like that. Shortly after we spoke last time before the funeral another woman who lost her husband came in. Her husband was the exact same age and build as your husband, and he was wearing a black silk suit just as you described. I asked his wife what he would have liked to be dressed in for the ceremony but she said that he wasn't particular about clothes and she brought in a few of his other suits in various colors so I can better match it with the casket and the rest of the ceremony. So for me it really was no trouble at all! Since her husband was already dressed in the suit that your husband would have wanted I just swapped their heads."

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