Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Doctor and the Veterinarian

The Doctor and the Veterinarian

Two lifelong friends, a doctor and a vet, are in a bar. Over the course of a few drinks the topic of conversation moves to work.

"You are lucky" says the vet "Your patients come in and tell you what is wrong with them. It would make treating them so much simpler"

"Ah" retorts the doctor "But you forget the social pressure and reliance upon which I must do my job. If I make even a small mistake, I could be sued for everything I have'

Neither the Vet nor the doctor wish to concede that they have the easier job. So the vet suggests a challenge. "Next time I am ill I shall come to see you but, as with my patients, I will not say a single word. If you can treat me I shall admit defeat" the doctor agrees and they enjoy the rest of their night.

Months pass and both men are very busy with work but one day the doctor hears a knock at the door. It is the vet who simply enters and lies on the couch. The doctor is initially confused but soon remembers his late night bet with his friend. The doctor begins to do a routine physical exam, looks the vet over, takes his temperature, all the usual tests. This goes on for a while with the doctor seemingly making no progress. The doctors frustration is evident on his face. He eventually signals for the vet to stand up and take his leave. As the vet approaches the door the doctor hands him a prescription for some basic antibiotics and says

"Here take two of these and if you're not better in the morning I'll have you put down."

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