Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Red Hibiscus For My Sister

These are a fleeting, ephemeral thing.

Lasting but one day, faded before the dawn.

I'm sure that they're supposed to produce seeds but I have never seen any from a red hibiscus like this.  It's probably like those bananas we all eat.  Seeds too small to be fertile.

The Rose of Sharon I used to grow in Pennsylvania reminded me of these, so that was why I grew so many of them into the beginnings of a hedge.

Now I have the real thing, surrounding us and blasting forth in color, practically every day.

My sister said that she loves flowers, but you can't grow these in New Jersey without keeping them in a pot indoors all winter.  I had a tree that I had done this with for years.  It put out the same red flowers, and every year when the weather got close to freezing, it would come in with the rest of the pots.  Shivering in the Kitchen of my house, by the door, it would drop leaves and mope until April when it would go outside to be eaten by Japanese Beetles.

Luckily here there is none of that and I can enjoy them whether in pots or in a yard or even in a hedge along the street on the daily walks.

Enjoy your flower, Pat.  Remember, the flower goes behind the Left Ear.  Mike will like that.

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