Friday, October 17, 2014

The "Have You Lost Your Mind" Art Installation

Walking around town, I find things.

Odd things.

Some things you don't want to think about and pass by on your way and hope that either someone cleans it up, or the weather changes and it magically disappears with the next strong rain storm.

This was a nice thing. 

This particular walk, I was on one of the avenues in my quirky little island.  Something caught my eye in the predawn hours.  It was a quarter.  Heads up means good luck, heads down means give the luck away and you will get more in return.

Nice fable, but it doesn't seem to always work that way.

My trusty sidekick, Rack, the McNab Superdog watered a tree and I saw the second find of the day further along the walk.

It was a purple propeller.  It had blown off of a yard whirlygig at one point and fluttered in the breeze to the center crown of the street.

Oooh, Purple!  Spinny!

I did a look to see if anyone had obviously lost this oddball contraption out of their yard.  It didn't seem like anyone had lost anything, and I know the neighbors in that particular block.  Since the traffic was beginning to heat up for the day, this found bit of strangeness would come with me.

Getting back to the house before anyone else was awake, I set the propeller on the porch and went about my day.

Later that afternoon, I came out and saw the purple prop.

The light bulb in my head fizzled to brilliance.  I thought that I had something that I could set it on and make a pinwheel out of the thing.  The first try was a fiberglass pole that was too large.  That would have been perfect, but it didn't fit.

The second time was the charm.   I was going to make a bamboo contraption.

We have a stand of Bamboo in the yard.  About as thick as a finger, I have used it to build oddball things like lamps.  It holds a thin piece of LED light in it and as soon as I can figure out a mount, it will make for a hanging lamp or a desk lamp.  Haven't decided.   But it will allow me to make my gadget and smile.  Besides, LED strips are great lighting for hurricanes and other power outage.

Not that we don't have enough emergency lighting in here.  If I turned on all the LED Flashlights, torches, votive candles, and strips at once, it would glow bright enough to be seen from space.

Cue the Choir Eternal, there's a lot here.

The bamboo poles I have here are long though.  10 foot tall sections that narrow to a point. 

Just what I need.

I cleaned the narrow end off of this fishing pole, slid the propeller onto it, then held it up.  It was tall enough to be in the sun and catch the wind that comes steadily off the ocean once you get above the tree line.

Yeah, this sucker was tall.

I immediately got a silly idea.  It was going into the front yard.

Walking 10 feet of pole with a purple propeller through the house, my house guest asked me what that was.

"Art.  I am having an art installation.  It shall be in the middle of the front yard.  If anyone asks, it is for the Art betterment of the city, what else would you think it is?".

I walked to the front yard with a snicker and promptly stuck it in the grass.   It was well above the house and started spinning happily in the breezes.

Placing my camera next to the pole, I tested the Voice Operated Shutter Feature.

"Cheeze!"  The camera popped.
"Capture!" The camera popped again.
"Camera" and "Shoot" worked as well.

Beautiful blue skies, a purple propeller and shaft were captured for posterity.

I walked inside and giggled saying "Kevin will think I am nuts!".

I have a weird Dr Seuss inspired piece of whimsy shining in the South Florida Sun.

Doesn't everyone?

The next email I mentioned the Bamboo Contraption in the front yard.  This really wasn't the best day to be late from work.

When he got home, opening the door he started asking.

"Have you lost your mind, and why are you videoing me?"
"I have no idea what you mean!"
"You know what I mean!  That bamboo contraption in the yard!  It's not December!"
"I know it isn't December, and that isn't a Festivus pole.  It is Art!"
"Art?  That is Art?"
"I am sure Constance and Krishan will approve!"

At this point he started covering the lens of my camera with an empty bag of dog treats and laughing as he walked out of the room.

Yes, I have a 10 foot pole.  In my yard.  With a purple propeller on top.  Doesn't everyone?

For Art's Sake?

Someone, Anyone, Beuhler?

To witness the art installation, do drive by the house.  It will be there through the week or until I'm told to take it down by an art critic with differing taste.  And if you have lost a purple whirlygig looking propeller thing, look up.  If it's yours, knock on the door and I'll let you have it.

Besides, Festivus Poles don't have propellers and are made from Aluminium.  It is the Cadillac of all Metals!

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