Saturday, October 11, 2014

Missionaries in the Savannah in Africa

Missionaries in the Savannah in Africa

So a pair of righteous missionaries are out tracking in the heart of Africa having just converted a small village.

On their way to the next village they have to trudge through several miles of dangerous Jungle.

One of the missionaries spies out the corner of his eye a fierce lion walking behind them several yards away.

Out of fear they start walking faster with the lion close behind them - soon they were running as fast as they could with the lion gaining on them quickly.

The missionaries decide that they'll never be able to outrun the lion so they drop down on their knees and start to pray, "Dear Lord please spare us from this terrible fate of being eaten by this lion, we've been doing excellent work for you and it would be a terrible waste to be eaten right now...and if you can it would be terrific if you could maybe help us teach the gospel to the lion"

With some trepidation they open their eyes and look behind them to see that the lion is on his knees praying, "Dear Lord, please bless this meal..."

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