Friday, December 12, 2014

Monarch Caterpillars In The Yard

Thank you Constance.
Thank you Kathie.

I've got seeds.
I will be getting more.

These little creatures are eating themselves out of house and home.  They're also one of the reasons I enjoy photography.

Going through the pictures, waiting for something to say it's time to do something with it, I spotted this one.  It's a shame to shrink it down, so I left it as large as I did.  The original picture, big as it is by today's standards, made it into my backgrounds folder on the machines.

If you take a lot of pictures, you are bound to get something that you like once in a while.

That would be the photography theory of "A Stopped Clock is Right Twice A Day".

Constance stopped by the other night.  I had a pleasant little visit standing in the front yard talking about politics, current events, and of course, butterflies.

She gave me a little plastic baggie with about three seed pods of mixed yellow and red Mexican Milkweed.  I doubt I'll ever see a flower out of them because there are so many Monarch Butterflies in this little part of the neighborhood, but it doesn't matter.  I'm planting them for the Monarchs.

I will also be carrying the bag with me when I go on my walks.  Johnny Milkweed-seed at your service!   I know of one semi-wet spot that will be getting a few.  The trick is that this area is so overbuilt, typical for Florida, that it will be difficult to find a spot to drop the seeds so that the cycle of butterfly can continue.

In front of my house, under the bathroom window, on the wall there is a rust stain.  The irrigation hits that spot twice a week.  I'll be grabbing four roof tiles and making a little square.  That will reserve the spot for my butterflies.  I'm a bit reckless with the weed-eater so I'll need to know where they're planted.

They should do well there as well as replenishing the pots in the backyard.

I'm thinking in the utility easement since that is fairly wild and "untamed".  That should give my friends a little boost.

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