Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Construction Foreman Needs to Hire Some More Workers

One morning he has 3 guys come to the job site for an interview.

The foreman looks at the first guy and asks him, "Can you take this hammer, throw it in the air, and catch it in your tool belt?"

First guy says "I sure can!", and tosses the hammer 6 feet in the air, catching it behind his back, it lands perfectly in his tool belt. The foreman nods his head.

The foreman looks over to the 2nd guy and asks, "Ok, now can you throw this screwdriver and get it to stick in the ground at a perfect 45 degree angle?"

"You bet I can!", says the 2nd guy, and with a flick of the wrist he throws the screwdriver, piercing it into the ground, sticking out at a perfect 45 degree angle. The foreman nods his head.

Then the foreman looks over to the 3rd guy and asks, "Alright, what about you? Can you shoot a nail gun from where we're standing and break that coke bottle sitting on the fence post?"

"Of course I can", says the 3rd guy as he takes the nail gun from his tool belt and fires at the coke bottle. It hits dead center shattering the bottle to pieces. The foreman nods his head again, turns and looks at all 3 guys.

"That's all very impressive fellas", the foreman says, "but I already have guys who do that garbage all day. I need guys who know how to work."

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