Friday, June 19, 2015

Rack! Rack! Rack! Run! Run! Run!

I need to stick a video camera to my head.  Maybe glue an old cell phone to a baseball cap or borrow a Go Pro.

You see, we have a new game in town.  It used to be that I could just stomp or jump and Rack the McNab SuperDog (TM) would run around the yard a couple times.  Keep that up for a good five or ten minutes and we end up with a tired dog.

A tired dog is a happy dog, right?

He got onto us and stopped running around after a good clap and stomp.

Not good.  That run just before the dog walk would have him go back to the wormhole behind the shed and do his business where the iguanas, opossums, and racoons would come into the yard at night.  Him leaving his business back there in the beach sand that passes for soil here left scents and kept the wildlife away.

Now before you get started, I like wildlife, I just don't want it using my pool for a place to wash their food.  Cement ponds, movie stars?  Well the wildlife droppings doesn't mix well with crystal clear salt system chlorinated pools.

When they pay the mortgage, they have a say.  I can hear someone say that already.

So, what to do?

I jumped once, and Rack got interested.

I'm a big guy.  6'4" and 225 pounds.  My workouts consist of a lot of aerobic activity in the way of some very high speed inline skating and a lot of walking.  It also means that I'm a bit wobbly.  Oh, I am fine on my feet, but when I stop I end up shifting from foot to foot.  The phrase "Built for speed" is appropriate there.  You can make me wobble but I can't easily be knocked down.  I'm too used to moving.

So I jumped again and this time I missed my landing.  I ended up stepping forward to remain upright.

Rack was immediately interested and ran over to my side.

I trotted away.
Rack ran past jumping the entire way.

Fine, Rack, since you like that sort of thing, lets try this...

"This" was me jumping and trotting around the palm tree and bougainvillea in a figure eight.

You can't outrun a McNab Dog.  It doesn't happen.  He was right on my heels.  However he did end up in front of me.

I chased him for a change chanting "Rack, Rack, Rack!  Run, Run, Run!" in an excited voice.

He did.  This brought back the energy I was trying to drain.   He started to chase me, while I was chasing him.  We were in a feed back loop.

Winding around the palm tree in ever tighter circles, it created a vortex.  The winds were effected and the trees started to bow into the calm in the center of the storm.  There was a collapse of space-time and Rack and I ended up falling into an area beyond the universe.

We saw the Tardis fly by and waved at Dr Who when he was doing his wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing.

I forget who slowed first but it was enough to break the spell.  Rack ended up flattened out on the grass rolling onto his back to show his joy that Dad, that's me, figured out what to do next with this high energy black and white cookie of a dog.

Mmm, Black and White cookies!  Yum.....

I gave him a tummy rub, a well earned one, and then stopped. 

Rack's brown eyes flashed potential excitement.
I trotted off again "Rack, Rack, Rack!  Run, Run, Run!".

Rack sprung to action back onto his feet.  Leaping over the cashew tree, he was on my tail like a flash.  We had a second session of running around the palm tree and more high pitched laughter from me.

If the neighbors were home they'd laugh too.  It's that kind of neighborhood.

After we fell back into normal space time post visit to Rack's family on the other side of the wormhole in the alternate universe, we slowed down to a plod.

Both of us were tired, excited, but very, very happy.   We had created a new game.  It turns out that my running at full speed isn't really necessary, a brisk walk is enough. All I need to do is walk toward him and say "Play!" and we're at it again, giggling, and trying not to fall.

This game is that.  See who gets dizzy first.  It's not always me, in fact I'd say it is probably equal, fifty-fifty.  Rack will flatten out when he needs a rest and I get to gather up my own wobbles and catch my breath.

Eventually I know it's at its end.  Rack will either try to drink from the swimming pool or trot over to the back door looking to go inside.

"Water?" I ask and get a tail wag in return.

Nothing like a little fun with the dog, right?

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