Sunday, June 21, 2015

Three Turtles Go On A Picnic

Three turtles packed their picnic basket full of amazing food and decided to go on a picnic.
They take 100 years to get to the top of a mountain, and finally they arrive.

 They start to unload the picnic basket and realize they did not bring utensils. Rock-paper-scissor and they decide one of them will go get them from home.

The turtle tells the other two, "don't eat before I come back!" After he gets their word that they will not eat before he comes back, the turtle goes back down the mountain.

So the two turtles left behind wait 200 years but the turtle is not coming back.
They wait an extra 100 years and decide that turtle is probably not coming back, so they start to unpack the food to eat.

Suddenly from behind a rock, the turtle that left 300 years ago pops out and yells, "A-HA! I KNEW IT!"

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