Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If You Want Me, I'll Be Out Back

Working from home presents its own challenges.

I've got two web pages to write, a Marketing campaign to begin, and a couple client phone calls to do today.

On the other hand, it's a beautiful day today.   Not that I'm thinking about blowing it all off and hitting the beach, I'm not really a beachy kind of guy.  See, this is our nicest time of year.  Technically, it's still Fall, or will be for another day or three if the Mayans were wrong about that whole ending of the world thing.

Really folks, it's just changing the calendar.  That's all.  You've been through it before with Y2K.  Repeat after me, "Happy Mayan New Year!" and pop the champagne.

Yes, it's a high of 82, and it's only 63 this morning.  So instead of running the air conditioning, I'll open all the windows and cool the place down before it starts warming up for later.

So where's the problem?  Why am I whinging about the weather and all that?

In a word construction.

That house that sprung up over the last two months is having its roof done.   Thankfully the concrete seems to have been poured.  If you have ever had a neighbor pour a driveway, watch your china cabinet.  I swear my clock got relocated about 3 inches South as a result from the vibration.

Luckily today the people who are building the houses are having a slow start to things.   I thank the City for that today, although it could be that someone else is having a look at the place.  Every time they have had it inspected, work stops for an hour or three and paperwork is done as they walk up and down my little street talking to their hands about random things that I don't quite get.

Sooner or later, the inspections will end and construction will start.  Until then, the workers are sitting on the porch drinking their coffee, munching on whatever they munch on, and having a slow beginning to their day.

My house is beginning to warm up anyway, the windows will eventually be closed and if it really gets noisy, I could relocate out back or to the Board's Office.  It is entertaining to watch the changes, and since nobody has gotten hurt, it's an excuse to turn the stereo up another notch and get Oscar chattering.

As for that dog on the corner that barks at airplanes flying into Fort Lauderdale International Airport, I'd love to relocate him.  I'm thinking about 20 miles away should do it.  Nothing worse than a boneheaded barky dog.

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