Thursday, December 27, 2012

Laundry Logistics

Mine, Ours, and the Dog's.

Doing my own clothes is no big deal.  Toss them in, pour the soap on, press buttons and go.

Ours are pretty much the same.   Grab everything from every corner of the house, and toss them in with the bed linens.  Temp-Boost Hot and boil the little suckers down.  Gives me some nice clean towels for the Kitchen, Bathroom, and the bed linens are nice and smooth once a week.

It's the Dog's wash that gets to be intriguing. 

You see, she wants to help.

Start with taking the linens back into the master bedroom.  Time to make the bed.   She's lounging around taking it easy but hears some random sound and looks up.   I'm not in The Chair so she goes searching.   Since she's a bigger creature of habit than even I am, this itself would give me time enough to get at least the bottom sheet on the bed.

Hurry, she's only made it to sniff the laundry room!

Flip the top sheet out on the bed and there are paws padding through the kitchen out to the Florida room.

Quick, smooth the top sheet out!

And there's the black nose sniffing past the night stand.  I've been found out!

Toss the pillow onto the bed, move over to the side that the dog is on and she backs up.

Now it gets fun.  I grab the spare set of dog mats, both of them, from the closet and toss one on the floor.  She moves to sniff that mat and of course the one on the floor that needs to go to the laundry now has 45 pounds of McNab Dog on top of it.

"Look!  Over there! (gesture gesture gesture)" Ok, forgot she's almost deaf and just staring at the clean mat in my arms.   I "fake the throw" and she looks around moving just off the mat.  In one deft motion, I manage to make the old mat disappear.   Pointing at the new one, she goes back to sniffing it. 

Run, Quick!  Run!  Out to the living room.  Grab the other two mats before she follows!

Now I drop the one spare mat down on the floor and am inspected.

Have you ever seen a dog pout?

There's a third mat that we've given her, of course, as her privileged position in life requires.  Since dogs are "Den Animals", they like to be in semi-enclosed spaces.  That is why crate training is not a punishment, but more of a "natural state" way of being for dogs.   All except lap dogs.  Those little yappers get territorial of the few square inches of your lap that you need for important things like tech manuals, your lunch, and the plans to take over the world, Pinky.

Lap Dogs are a lost cause.  They can be trained but I have to wonder how some people manage.  I'm good at training dogs, but those little things?  Yer' a better man than me Mc Duff!

That third mat is right next to my big chair and in a sheltered place just under a chess table in the corner.  Sometimes it is under it, other times it is repositioned with a precision that only a web footed paw can manage.

It is now gone and in my hand while I whisk it away to be heated and washed.

Yes, you're going to be social today.  That third mat doesn't go back until it's well and truly clean.

Now she's acting like the little girl next door who would say loudly to everyone when her security blanket was taken away...

I want my guggie!

Oh well, guggies will be washed, and little Lynn is now a beautiful woman who doesn't need her security blankie either, Mrs Dog.

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