Thursday, December 20, 2012

Water Temp 65F, Air 77F

Sure, go ahead, take a picture when everything is perfect. 

Calm water with a mirror surface. 

Sun not too high. 

Breezes warm but not hot. 

Not too humid. 

Birds chattering in the trees.

Flowers in bloom.

This is, after all, our best time of year.   This is when the snowbirds flock South and plug up the roads.

If they're here tomorrow, they're in for a week of colder weather but that's not my problem.   For now, I'll enjoy my coffee by the pool while the weather is nice and get a start to the day.

This is the right time of year for visitors, I'm afraid.  It really is that nice out today.  The backyard is in a surprising amount of color, conditions are really that beautiful. 


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