Friday, December 21, 2012

Weather Induced Costume Party For South Florida

Any time a front comes through and you get a 15 degree drop in temperature, you will notice it.

The wind is coming from the wrong direction, moving cold air from the North and making all us South Floridians cranky.  

Yes, it's another one of those weather systems that we think is cold but you Snowbirds would be out in shorts. 

Oh that shorts thing, keep it up, it is entertaining to see pasty white people from New York getting a sunburn in December when it's 64 degrees out.   They're always from New York.   Really, it's a requirement.

Meanwhile we're going Retro.  When we moved down here, we were all told to hang on to our favorite cold weather clothes.  Since we really only need it, even by our standards, for two weeks a year and a day here or there, you will see them.   Yes, the Winter Clothes from Back North.

I'm guilty of this.   My own dear sister had a habit of getting me a new flannel shirt every Xmas.  I kept my favorites for the move here.  So basically I'm going to be walking around town dressed for Pennsylvania, Circa 1990. 

My favorite flannel shirt is long gone but it was recognizable.  I used to get strange looks every time I would put it on and comments of "Where did I see that before?".   It was a red plaid shirt of a distinctive design, very familiar.  You would see it every time you would go to the supermarket and walk down the paper towel aisles.

One time I was in the Acme in Roxborough, Philadelphia.  You know the one, it's up on Ridge Pike?  Yeah great store, it had everything I needed that I couldn't get at the warehouse stores.  But it was cold so I had on that shirt, jeans, and low riser construction boots.  Hey there was ice around from the first snow a few days before!

Get the picture?  Yes, it was the Bounty Paper Towel shirt.   Someone in the paper towel aisle looked at me, then the rolls and scratched her head.  Feeling frisky I said "Yes, try those, you'll love them!".

I did, in fact, sell paper towels that day. 

I won't be the only one dressed like that.  Looking at the construction workers across the street building the house, half of them are in black long sleeve T Shirts, the others are in flannel.   I have to guess that those in flannel moved down here to build two houses, the one on the East being one block shorter than the other, in their old clothes that their sister gave them in 1990 too.

Love my sister.   That was a great shirt.  Here, have a paper towel, you'll need it for that mess!

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