Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Give Me The Damn Toy - Picture

That's my girl.

Seems like every evening lately, she gets all excited when it's time to watch TV after dinner.  She's had her dinner and her walk, and now it's time for her to play.

Come on, stop dropping the toy on my toes.  Ok, sure, lets play...

After a couple "fake the throw" and "hold the toy just out of reach" sessions, she started amping things up and getting really wild.  A 12 year old McNab Dog who is mostly silent, who has the nickname "The Stealth Dog", and has bad kidneys and is on thyroid medications has her moments when she wants to play. 

She's not a morning person any more, although when my feet hit the floor she's ready to roll.

I decided to play with the camera and see just how well I could capture the moment in 8 MP full color. 

Ever take a picture of a dog and really want to get the eyes right?  Not going to happen indoors, you'll get that amber eye effect that doesn't correct well.  Don't use flash and you have a chance at it.

On the other hand, "amber eye" works really well when your subject is acting like Cujo and doing really goofy things with her toy.  It fits the memory perfectly.


  1. Lettie looks so ferocious in that picture! Good that she still enjoys playing. As far as not being a morning person anymore, I can relate!