Friday, December 14, 2012


When your day is going along all nice and smooth and all the sudden something stops you in your tracks and makes you go a completely different direction, you have just encountered a speedbump.

In my case, today, there were a few in rapid succession.

How do I deal with them?  Step back and reset priorities.

The internet radio decided it wanted to disgorge a commercial about some product I don't care about.  Reaching down I grabbed the remote and stabbed the red power button.  Take that advertiser!  Bwahahaha...

But before I hit that button, the phone started ringing from an out of state number.  Usually at this time of day, that would be a recruiter and usually recruiters are a complete waste of time.  Sensing that I was annoyed, the dog decided to stop her patrolling of the house long enough to plant a wet nose on the back of my arm. 

Reflexively, my arm shot forward and grabbed the top of the laptop balancing on the knee.  I steadied the machine as I bent down to look at the phone and scowled.  Area Code 770 - Atlanta.  Useless, I'll ignore... oh wait they hung up. 

Start to pet the dog and less than five seconds later...

The double ring of the phone broke what passes for silence here in Noisy Island, and it was my recruiter calling back.   Yeah, I'm not really interested in relocating to a small city in Michigan, leave a message.

The dog was insistant and pushed her nose under my arm again.  Time to pet the dog for a bit.  The radio had been turned off, and the semi-silence was actually a welcome pleasure.  The white noise rattle of a small shower hitting the awnings, a distant lawnmower, the parrot gargling, and the clock joined to make a choir singing out the morning.

The other arm hit the keyboard and all the sudden another speedbump turned its ugly head.  I was being told some blather about that I have installed Facebook Chat, no I Had NOT!, and immediately began to research some weird technical issue that sucked up the last bit of my Blogging Hour that day.

The strange thing is that excluding the search for the solution to removing integration of Facebook Chat in Firefox, all this happened in 5 minutes and yielded nothing but one confused me.  Forget it all, I'm going to make coffee and start over later.

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