Friday, March 1, 2013

Gardening with Butterflies - Picture

The picture here is another one of the Doris Longwing Butterfly that I found when in the Butterfly House at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. 

But the story isn't.

On the other hand, when did I need an excuse to post a picture of a butterfly?

It's a Butterfly and your argument is invalid.

What brought it to mind was when I was out puttering in the garden.  Early the other morning, I was out with my coffee.  Something didn't sound quite right.  It was Irrigation Day and the backyard zone was running happily.

It was a very rural sound to the place because all the sudden I had a babbling brook in the yard.

Yes, the cement had come loose on the PVC pipe that runs along the Western side of the property and I had a gusher.  Luckily this was the hedge and the day after a massive rain.  I probably shouldn't have been watering that zone that day but wanted to make sure it all worked.

Clearly the rain sensor did work because the front yard didn't get watered.  Oooh!  New Toy!  Flip the switch and I am the Guardian of all Waters!

Walking to the Jasmine hedge, I found the break in the pipe and forced them close enough that the water wasn't getting wasted.

The entire time when I was bent double, getting a ground water shower, I was being pestered.  Yes, my friends the Monarch Butterflies came back.  They were hovering around me trying to land somewhere and I was worried that they were going to get harmed while I was banging around underneath the wall of green.

All was well, I became an Aircraft Carrier for a few of the little orange and black beauties and patched things up.

So why the music video?  The last two days, I had this song stuck in my head.  Chaka Khan.  Chanson Papillon... Hot! Butterflies!

You don't need an excuse, enjoy the music and the picture. 

Happy Fluttery Friday!

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  1. I enjoyed the picture and the song. I always liked a lot of Chaka Khan's music. Saw her perform at a Clearwater Jazz Festival about 7 years ago. Euge Groove performed that night at the concert also with his own show.