Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Windows and Hotel Humor

Bad Joke Sunday?  Sure... this one is mostly about windows.  No, not the computer kind, but in a building!  Read on, you'll see...

New Windows

I bought all new double insulated, top of the line windows for my house last year.

Home Depot called me yesterday and said I owed them for the windows. I told them what my salesman told me "These windows will pay for themselves within a year".

Helloooooo it’s been over a year, they should be paid for. The guy was silent on the other end so after a few minutes I hung up. I bet they feel really stupid!


A guy calls the hotel desk clerk and says 'My wife and I just had a huge fight and now she says she is going to jump out the window'.

The clerk responds 'sir, I believe this is a personal problem'.

The guy says 'like hell it is, this is a maintenance problem, I can't get the window open'.

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