Monday, March 4, 2013

Shivering Schadenfreude It's Cold Out There!

Waking up, I reached for the tablet that does duty as my alarm clock.

Swiping in the password, I check the weather applet that shows me the current conditions.  The lights weren't on in the house yet but hearing the wind outside I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant.

The weather app said it was 42 degrees and 6:21 in the morning.


Gathering myself and the dog together for our morning rituals, I got clothed and then took her to the front door.

She didn't want to go outside either. 

A Mc Nab Dog is smarter than an average dog by a large margin.  She knows what she wants.  Wind Chill in the 30s is not good for 12 year old bones when you're a dog.  It took coaxing but she did finally go out and water her spot.

After the feeding regimen we went out for our walk around the block.

Reminding me of some of those delivery guys in a Northern city in the winter, I spotted him.  Bundled against the cold, I said "Nice Legs Buddy!, now where're your pants?".

Yes, even in Florida in the coldest week this winter, there is someone who insists that it is still shorts weather when they go out to walk the dog.

He laughed and we went on our way.

Getting back to the house, I had on the classical music radio station in Washington DC for a change of pace.  WETA was having their newsbreak as I was standing under the heating vent in the kitchen.  Munching my breakfast of Cream Cheese and Key Lime Curd on an English Muffin while looking out at the steam rising on the pool, I heard a forecast for Washington for the next days.

Smiling and chuckling it brought it into perspective.

Their high is our current low, 42F.

Tomorrow Night, the Northeast is having a Winter Storm Watch.  Snow and Rain in DC, Snow to the North.

Enjoy your weather up there.   We're suffering through ours.   At least it's going to help clear out some of those nasty Iguanas!

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