Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too Cold To Roast

Ran out of coffee this morning.  Yeah, I know it's a tragedy.  But I can always roast more, except there's a problem. 

Sure, the weather.  It's Iguana Killing Cold out there today.

You know, when the temps get below 50 for the evening and stay there into the morning?

Yes, it does effect my coffee, and don't get in the way of a man and his morning mug!

Conversation went on like that, or at least half of it did outside this morning.   Mind you, it's a brilliant day.  The skies don't have a cloud in them, and that's what cooled us off.  Radiative Cooling the talking heads on the weather call it.  Front rolls in, makes it dry, and the clouds block some of the heat going back into outer space.  So you lose a few degrees the next day.

As for the Iguanas, they're an invasive species.  I'd shiver all week if it would get rid of them once and for all. 

The deal with my coffee is that I ran low on roasted beans today.  I'll wait until late in the afternoon or dinner hour to roast since I don't want to turn on a popcorn popper full of beans to "perfume" the house with three batches worth of coffee smoke.  There's this window in my kitchen behind the sink that is a serving area for the Lanai, push the coffee roaster outside and it shares my coffee with the neighbors.  When the temps are in the mid 40s like today, coffee just won't roast right.

So bundle up South Florida, it's going to be cool all week.   Bad luck Snowbirds, if you picked this week to be here, it's a good one to go to the malls.

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