Thursday, March 28, 2013

Modern Life Is Logistics

Did you ever step back and think how is everything going to fit in?

I'm having one of those days.

But they're normal, if you think about it.

We have all these labor saving devices to save us time so we can find more things to do with that time we saved.   Time isn't strictly speaking "Saved".  You don't have a Time Piggy Bank somewhere that you can withdraw from when you are feeling harried.   The end result is that you find strategies to get more effective and more efficient with what you're doing.

Basic Project Management.

Going to the shops?  Make sure you have a list of the most important things.  Don't forget a pen if it's on paper. 

I always forget that.   Well, that and my glasses.

Getting up an extra half hour early is a great way to fit things in if you hadn't gotten to sleep late the night before.  That ends up in a candle burnt at both ends.

On the other hand, you can do a lot in a half hour.

The last time I felt I needed to get things done, I multitasked a list of things.

Made a crock pot of Carnitas Pork.
Made bread dough for rolls for later baking.
Roasted a batch of Decaf Coffee.
Brewed a mug of Third Caff Coffee.
Brewed a pitcher of Iced Tea.
Breakfast was in order.
Made the dog happy by tossing her an ice cube.

You never know how much you can fit in a block of time, but always remember those around you who deserve that little extra attention.  

It may just be an ice cube to you, but to the dog it's a wonderful treat.

Since there is always some time to fit more in later, I've also got three laptops I'm prepping for a friend from Key West who is visiting.  Yes, all at once.

Line them up, knock them down!  Win a kewpie doll!

So got more to do?  Sure, but there's time for it since Modern Life is Logistics.

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