Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swimming Lizard, Floating Lizard - Picture

Hey!  I knew you would want to see this!  Bring your camera!
What's that?
There's a lizard in the pool.  He's floating!
Ok, Got to see this!  Where is the Camera?

So stumbling around the house, I was handed the camera.  It was in the Kitchen, where all good cameras are kept, apparently.

We walked out back to the pool.  It was a wee little thing.  I think that smallness was how it could do that trick.

On top of the water was floating one little lizard.   It was being blown toward the edge, but not close enough for it to struggle out and go on with it's little lizard-y life.

I got the picture I needed, then went about to do my duty of saving the little creature.

Scooping it up with my right hand, I managed to get it out of the water.  It warmed up and then, suddenly, Leaping Lizards! it went on its way.

More like I walked over to the plants and touched its nose to the poinsettia.  It was slow from the cool but my hand was helping it come up to temperature.  Waking up from its stupor, it jumped from my finger and went on with its life.

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  1. He or she is lucky he/she was found by you. The chlorine in a pool will kill them, I've been told. You did your good deed. Glad he or she made it out ok!