Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Missing Vanda Found - Picture

This year, I think my second Vanda Orchid is taking a rest.

The yellow one opened a while back, bloomed beautifully for the better part of February, then wilted.  It's now resting.

I have a second one.  The plant is larger than the yellow bloomer.  You'd think that since size matters, the larger plant would be more happy.  Orchids are a finicky thing, even here in South Florida.  The conditions have to be "Just So" for them to thrive, and I guess things weren't quite optimal.

So missing my morning flower fix while looking out the window and eating my Yogurt, I thought about that plant.  It may open still, but without a flower stalk, that is doubtful.  It's late in the season for the plant where it is at.  Semi sheltered under the bougainvillea, it is also close to the house near the Lanai.  That gives it a warmer climate by a few degrees.  Since it has grown into the wood of the fence, it won't be moved.

Thinking of those flowers, I started looking through my camera's chip and found this picture.  It's going to satisfy my need for blue blossoms today.  The particular plant was found inside the butterfly house at Fairchild Botanical Gardens, a great place for beauty if ever there was one.

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  1. Very lovely. My one orchid isn't doing that well and hasn't bloomed last year or this year.