Friday, March 15, 2013

My Own Furry Project Mis-Manager

If a Neat Desk is the sign of a Sick Mind, then a Cluttered Desk is the sign of a Nervous Dog.

I stopped using the desk a couple years ago.  It's getting piled high with projects.  For someone who calls themselves a Project Manager, that's a bit of an embarrassment.  But yes, I am blaming it on the dog.

Not the usual way, in this case there's something else going on.  One Wet Nose.

I am watched very closely by Lettie.  If I leave one room, she will wait until I settle in and then position herself so she can see what I'm doing.

Except there's a wrinkle.  If I'm feeling mischievous, I'll wait.  She'll fall asleep.  Old dogs do that sort of thing.  She'll sleep most of the day anyway and one of the sounds of the house over the radio playing softly, the all the various clocks, the occasional parrot chatter both inside and outside of the house, is her snoring.  Her snoring isn't the trick, it's that she's mostly deaf.

Quietly, on little sneaker clad feet, I'll leave the room.  She won't realize it for another 15 minutes or so until she wakes up and looks around to check in on me.   Then it's a perimeter search and find out where everyone is.

So if I need something at my desk, I have found the path of least resistance is to wait until she's snoring.  The music will help to drown out most sounds.  Then up and go take care of business.

That doesn't help with the desk.  There is a pile of old battery operated watches waiting to be re-fitted with new batteries, a couple hard drives, an assortment of tools - all of which are waiting for a free moment of time when the wet nose brigade hasn't found me.

It makes her even more nervous.

So we're in a feed back loop.  She watches me a bit too closely and wants to help.  I end up wearing my automatic and wind up watches as a result.

I am waiting though.  I may have a nice long block of time.  There's an electronics hack that requires me to use a little bell wire and a soldering gun.  She'll forget to follow me one day and then who knows!  Soldering time!

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