Monday, March 18, 2013

Turn Facebook Sound Notifications Off

Ok, the little "bedoop" sound was Facebook being "cutesie". 

Distracting little sound that fired off whenever you got a notification.  I guess you could tell I didn't care for it. 

They're up to stuff again, and we're going to have a bunch of changes forced on us like the graph search and more advertiser friendly layouts to the pages.  It remains to be seen whether we can turn most of that off.  The ads, I will certainly look for a blocker for.  I run adblock plus on every browser I have on all five operating systems I run

We shall see.

But the little sound notification can be stopped.  It's cute, but definitely not office friendly.  I do a LOT of research, probably as much as 6 hours a day and having my laptop make noises is not a good idea.

First, Log into Facebook.
Click on the little gear for your account menu.
Click Account Settings in the little dropdown that shows up.
Click Notifications on the settings in the left hand column.
In Notifications Settings, Select the first "View" for "How You Get Notifications".  This is the "On Facebook" line.
You can turn off the little sound by ticking the box for "Play A Sound When Each Notification is Received". 
Click Save Changes and then go back to being social.

After all, you may like the sound, and you can turn it back on by leaving that box checked.

It's up to you.

For now...

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