Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Firefox 23 is out - Now With Annoying Changes!

I use Firefox as the go-to browser.  
Internet Explorer is ugly and slow.
Chrome... well that's a google product and I don't trust it.  I know, Blogger is a google product, and I accept that.


I read that it was being updated so I checked to see if it was updated to version 23.  No, but helpfully it told me that it was downloading the update.   I didn't actually click on anything, but since I wanted it, I accepted this as "magic" and watched the donut roll downhill.

To Check:

  1. Click Help
  2. Click About Firefox
  3. Read - the Version Number will be there and it will tell you "Firefox is up to date".
Now for the annoyances.   There are two, and they're connected.

I have more than a passing interest in Security.  Web pages that do things I don't like really make me go "red zone" fast.  Tricks with javascript under the hood really make me want to reach through the browser and find the webmaster and pretend I'm Homer Simpson strangling Bart.

So I would go in and set two tick boxes:

Do not allow javascript to move or resize windows.   You don't want this happening either.  Imagine trying to close a window that won't let you because it moves.   Plus everything is "just so" and I don't want something going full screen.   It's this size because I want it this size.

Do not allow javascript to turn off context menus.   If you right click on a web page, you get a pop up asking you what you want to do.   It can be turned off.  Tough, my browser, my rules.

Here is how to set it back - if you don't want my explanation, go to this link and read the geek speak on Mozilla's website.

Open a fresh Firefox browser window - Ctrl N
In the address bar type "about:config" and hit enter.  
There will be a helpful warning about not breaking anything, click "I'll Be Careful".
You are now in the Firefox configuration screen.  You really can make the browser misbehave here so - be careful.

First change
In the search box type "dom.disable_window_move_resize".
Click value until it changes to true.

Second change
In the search box type "dom.event.contextmenu.enabled".
Click value until it changes to true.

You can close that window, you're all done.

What you did was force Firefox to give you back control, and we will all admit that control is a good thing.

Really, Mozilla, what were you thinking?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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