Friday, August 2, 2013

Hibiscus Blossom on the Phone - Picture

I spend a lot of time on the phone.

Calls come, I'll take the time to do right by who I am speaking with, but I do have my own quirk.  I generally can't sit still more than a minute or so.

Having a long call, I'll get up after a minute or three from my chair and start to walk around the room, then the house.

The longer the call, the more I tend to roam.   I've planned meals, set out baked goods to thaw, all sorts of strange things. 

Today I was chatting with someone, hopefully giving more than platitudes in return for their gift of time, and realized I had just walked out to my front yard.  There is a tree out there that is slowly being turned into food for termites.  Since it isn't a native, I'm more concerned for the "Air Plants" that are growing on it than the tree itself.   Once this Bottle Brush tree is finally gone, it will give me a reason to replant that little garden in front of the house once and for all, but for now it just looks scruffy.

Laughing at myself and telling the person with whom I am speaking what I had just done, I came back into the house.  Rack, my dog, hadn't come out for a visit, but since there were large trucks rolling around the neighborhood I had not been surprised.

When the conversation had ended I was again outside of the house, looking around the backyard at things.  Rack, this time, followed me out to His Spot next to the Meyer Lemon Tree and parked himself.  I, on the other hand, had camera at hand.   There is always something beautiful in the gardens here.  Even if you hadn't planted, Mother Nature is generous here and even the weeds can be beautiful.

Barring a weed, a passing bird or squirrel may grace your yard with a seed and you never know what will grow from a forgotten corner of the yard or a pot not well tended. 

My own gardening skills are indifferent.   I go in fits and starts in the yard, tearing up vines just enough that my trees and hedges aren't completely draped in Virginia Creeper.  Battling Iguanas here means that if they like it, you may as well not plant them.  In the case of my pots, everything looks like it had been chewed at some level other than the Mango.  They don't like Mango, which is fine because I do.

Even if my pots are chewed up, they do flower.  The Hibiscus here, both varieties that I have, are doing well which is strange because they are Iguana Crack.  They're trimmed back, and the cuttings are stuck indifferently in the soil in the scruffy little pots and sometimes they root.  When they do, they give some perfect little flowers a time to bloom.  One of them will end up in the front yard where that Bottle Brush tree is struggling to stay alive, relieved of the burden of the indifferent gardener's scruffy little pot. 

It will find a new place to thrive and bloom just in time for a phone call.

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