Sunday, August 25, 2013

There was a young pregnant woman... - Humor

There was a young pregnant woman...

and her dream was for her baby to grow up with perfect manners. So everyday she would gently rub her belly whilst repeating the line, "Be polite. Be polite."

But a strange thing happened. After 9 months, the baby showed no signs of coming out. After a year the woman was still pregnant, and she still kept up the practice of gently rubbing her belly and saying, "Be polite. Be polite."

The woman`s pregnancy continued and continued. It lasted years. She refused to let doctors check out the situation with ultrasound and she refused to listen to any advice that they tried to give her. But all the while she continued to gently rub her belly and say,"Be polite. Be polite."

She finally died at the age of 80 without giving birth.

The mystery of the unborn baby was finally solved when doctors finally opened her up. Inside her womb were two little men with long white beards saying to each other, "No, my friend. I must insist. After you."

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