Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm Getting Ready For The Spa - Picture

When you go out to the spa, make sure you have enough to keep yourself hydrated. 

If you're planning on climbing into the warm water, you'll want it.

Having a curious dog around always meant opportunities for a good long sniff.   While Lettie never really liked going into the water herself, my glass of Iced Tea was fair game.

Coming out of the house, camera in hand, I saw my old girl homing in on the glass, despite it looking like she was going for a long relaxing soak.

She's gone, and Rack hasn't gotten curious about the joys of swimming in the pool on a warm day when the black fur has soaked up all that heat.  

We figured that Rack isn't quite confident enough to try it on his own.   He is a good swimmer because I did carry him in one day and those McNab Webbed Feet had him swimming toward the steps in the shallow end in short order.  

Job finished, the dog's safe in the pool, we can relax now. 

With or without the Iced Tea.

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