Thursday, September 19, 2013

Betty's Flower Blooms Again - Picture

Out in the backyard, in a row of pots, is a common flower.   Pure white, almost like Zinc Oxide, it grows near the pool and under the Sea Grape.

Every time I see the pot and the plant, I think of how I got it.

Aunt Betty.

She used to have a condo in Century Village, that Stereotypical "We're moving to Florida" place that Grandmom and Granddad move to so they can spend time in the sun "while they still can".

I borrowed the condo once a couple years back.  It's not a bad community, although it is age restricted and I couldn't buy in.   Not to worry, I crashed there on a vacation and enjoyed it when I could.

Betty didn't use it all that much, she preferred to rent it out and come down just before and just after.   I figured she used the excuse to get away so she could "clean it up before the renters came". 

We made the best of that time.  I'd take her out to all those Chinese Buffets and Barbecue Joints that she knew she shouldn't go to but would go anyway.   It helped to have a partner in crime, me.

In 2010, the drumbeat of "I'm Selling The Condo" got loud enough for her to actually do so.   Getting a call to come by for "One Last Visit" we hit our favorite Chinese Buffet a few days before she was catching the flight back to her place on Lawn Guy Land.

Complete with the accent, of course.

Just before we left, Betty pointed out all her little flowers in front of the unit.   The stair tower had a bunch of flowers that we see all over South Florida.  I think I brought her some coleus one year and they filled in the empty spots like weeds. 

She pointed at the one little pure white flower that she didn't know the name of with pride and said "I planted that one too, but I guess I'll have to leave it now".

Succeeding to give me a handful of the little things, I got them back to the house and stuck them in this pot where they remain to this day.

Only the one is left, although they do spread from seed if conditions are right.   I'm thinking they may be a bit too wet, but I will try for some cuttings from the plant.

It may not be showy or large, but I do get a smile when I see it and think about the person who gives it to me each time I see them.

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