Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Genie in the Bottle - Humor

A man is walking along a beach on the west coast of the US, when he discovers a genie lamp buried in the sand. Quite excitedly he picks it up, rubs it and a genie appears.

Genie: Good day, I am a genie! I am not like the genies from the movies though, I can only grant you one wish

Man: That's superb! I've never been to Hawaii, and I'd love to go. But I'm very very afraid of flying, so can you create a highway bridge from here to the island?

Genie: Hm, that sounds like a very big task, even for me! Is there anything else you would rather want?

Man: It would be nice to understand how women think?

Genie: ...That highway... do you want 3-lane or 4-lane?

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