Monday, June 2, 2014

Betty's Vinca Returns

Wandering through the wilds of the suburban back yard, the exotics sprout up in the strangest places.

A couple years back, I paid my last visit to my Aunt Betty's condo.  She was at Century Village, which is in itself a bit of a stereotype.  You know, your senior Aunt living in a condo in Deerfield Beach?   Actually not a bad place, if a bit sterile like most settled condos.

We were talking about the sorts of things that family who have become friends have to talk about when they know time will be short.  This was to be my last visit, and shortly after this, Betty moved back to New York.

She was proudly pointing out the flowers that were growing in front of the little condo.  Some of her favorite white Vinca flowers were growing there, and I decided to take a bit with me.  Like Betty said, nobody will miss it, and she put it there to begin with.  Bloom where you are planted.  If things are a bit sterile, brighten it up with a wee bit of color, or even white.  The flowers were an eye catching touch.

I grabbed a few cuttings and as soon as I got home, I stuck it in a pot in the backyard next to the pool.  I didn't completely expect it to grow, but it did.  I guess that if I ever want the thing to thrive, I should put it in the ground out back, but it's fine in the pot.  After all, it grows well in the pot, by the pool, under the sea grape tree. 

That all was a couple years ago.  Three, maybe four.  It's still there.  It's supposed to be a mild invasive in places like California, but in a pot it's fine.  Besides, the little plant, in the little pot, next to the little shed isn't there to invade.  It gives me pause to think of a little lady who insisted that I take some home to remember her by.

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