Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two Old Ladies Were Outside On a Bench Smoking

Two Old Ladies Are Outside On A Bench Smoking

...when it begins to rain. The first old woman flicks her cigarette away, knowing it's going to be put out.

The second of the old ladies reaches into her purse, pulls out a condom, cuts the tip off, and puts it over her cigarette.

The first woman asks "What on earth is that?"
"Oh, it's a condom, they're designed to protect your cigarette from the rain," the second replies.

Now the next day, the lady who tossed her cig went down to the drug store to pick up some condoms so she can smoke in the rain.

She asks the clerk "Can you please sell me some condoms?"

The clerk is confused as to why this old lady would need rubbers, but in the interest of customer satisfaction, he says "Sure, what kind would you like?"

To this the old woman responds,"Oh, I suppose it doesn't really matter. Just make sure it can fit a camel."

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