Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Man Has An Interview at the Zoo

A Man Has An Interview At The Zoo

A man has a job interview at the zoo. The man conducting the interview looks over his resume and finds it impressive.

"You're just the sort of person we've been looking for and we would like to offer you the position," says the interviewer. "But the position itself is a bit...unorthodox."

"What is it?" the man asks.

"Well, our gorilla died this morning, and we haven't been able to procure another just yet. The ape exhibit is one of our biggest attractions, so it's important that our visitors get they moneys' worth," the interviewer explained.  "Your job is to dress in this gorilla costume and just hang out in the enclosure. You know, entertain the guests, beat your chest a little. Think you can do that?"

The man agrees, and soon he is ushered into the gorilla enclosure, fully suited and looking like a revelation.

He stands in the middle of the enclosure and notices that a small crowd is beginning to form.

Remembering what he was told in the interview, he begins to lope around on his knuckles and beat his chest.

To his surprise, the crowd starts to grow, and soon the spectators are oohing and pointing and clapping.

Feeling confident, he grabs onto a vine hanging from a tree branch and begins to swing back and forth.

The crowd begins to cheer, so he keeps it up. Higher and higher he swings, until finally the rope snaps and sends him flying over the fence into the next enclosure.

Dazed, he sits up...and sees a pride of lions stalking towards him, looking at him hungrily.

"Help!" he screams, and begins waving his arms. "Help! Somebody get me out of here! I'm not really a gorilla! Don't let them eat me!"

Suddenly, one of the lions pounces on the man, opens its jaws and says, "Shut up, man! Are you trying to ruin this gig for all of us!?"

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