Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Lone Biscuit

What's That?


You're going to be hungry, I know you too well.

Yes, I know.  I'll add something to it.

Got More?

Yep.  Made 10 just like usual.

You are going to take a picture of them aren't you?

Sure, may as well, they're perfect this morning.

Not much of a conversation, but it went on like that.  Throwaway remarks on a half awake sleepy morning before things got thrown into cruising gear and life took its own rhythm.

I had to get the dog fed, myself fed, and do it all before construction started.  That wasn't too difficult, I was up at Stupid O'Clock again and I had plenty of time.

May as well make biscuits.  Biscuits and Gravy, Yogurt and Cranberry, and an Egg Salad Sandwich on Sourdough.

I got attitude from the dog, he didn't want anything until the yogurt came out.

The noise hadn't started so I had a fighting chance of getting Rack's food into him before it was too late.  Besides, I wanted my own.  Two tablespoons of yogurt on top of dry dog food doesn't look appetizing but when a ladder hit the ground from the top of a Ford F250 Supercab Pickup truck and Rack didn't do anything other than eat faster, I won.

Biscuits are a bit of Breakfast OCD with me anyway.  If I don't have them today, I may make them tomorrow.   If I don't, there will be some in the freezer ready for a 30 second radiation blast in the microwave, then coat with some sausage gravy and nuke again.

Not exactly the most healthy breakfast, but it's not all I'm going to have.

RACK!  Hungry?

Only got about 1/2 of a bowl into him.  Amazing, a dog who won't eat unless bribed.  The washer must have made a rumble since the storms haven't set up this morning.   Wet Season, Wash Day, and Construction, it is all destined to wrinkle your morning along with the washer.

The rituals of an early morning wrap around you like a warm blanket on a cold night.  Just a little bit of comfort in the shape of a round salty biscuit, smothered in pre-fab sausage gravy.  Sticks to your ribs, good for what ails you.

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