Friday, June 13, 2014

Even Weeds Have Flowers In Florida

After the storm comes the calm.

Apparently I slept through a whopper so I needed to go out and do a "perimeter search" of the yard.

Not a problem.  Things here are built to take it.  Evolution is an effective master.  A Flood of Rain with Heavy Winds and nothing fell out of the trees, no pieces of the house ended up in the neighbor's yard, and nothing was knocked over where it shouldn't be.

That's not exactly perfect.  I have a Bottle Brush tree in the front yard that I am hoping dies completely soon.  I'll be able to take it out on bulk trash day and let the palm tree I planted in front of it take over.   It's there just to tell the Bottle Brush Tree to grow or get lost.

So far, the palm is winning.  I have to walk out to the front yard from time to time, clear out the screw palm leaves that are there from a clump I planted under the Bottle Brush.   When I am there, I grab the palm tree and pull it roughly North to free it from the Bottle Brush's grasp.  The Palm grows fast, the Bottle Brush grows slowly if at all, and the Dog Barks At The Moon.

World War II Resistance Fighter Code Word Doggerel not withstanding.

All this went through my mind as I was bent double in the front yard pulling weeds.   Tuberous roots held fast so the plant will recover, but those little white daisy looking things are a nuisance. 

Even the bird's nest from the Northern Mockingbird is still intact.  The birds have left the nest and it is falling apart, but it has served its purpose.

I was wondering why the house was quiet yesterday.  Now I know.  Roofers are at a pause and the birds have fledged.

I'm once again an Empty Nester.

Off in the distance I hear a conversation float over the fence.

I love you.  I love you.

(oh this is interesting, do go on)

I love you, you know I love you, I love you.

I feel ugly now, no, I feel ugly now.

I don't care, I love you.

(Shaddap, it doesn't matter if you're ugly, he loves you!  Accept it!)

I feel ugly now.  (this was repeated about 20 times in order to shut down the conversation)

(I smiled at Rack, he seemed to hear it and on some level he enjoyed it.  Rack smiled back)

I left when I heard something about "Shut up, I'm going to tie you up, I feel ugly now".

Love does take some strange twists and turns when you are outside of the relationship.  But, I guess, Love Never Has to Say I'm Sorry.

However Love should use a soft rope.  Rope burns are a bear.

Come on Rack, lets go inside.  I don't think we're going to help and I need a glass of Iced Tea.

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