Friday, May 17, 2013

Hiding from The Parrot Zone

We had just returned from our dog walk, and were settling in.

Rack was through with his Perimeter Search, had a few whines at the closed door to the bathroom, and then went to the den between the couch and the coffee table where he'd be for the rest of the morning.

I made my Honey and Cinnamon drink, and turned on the internet radio.   I was in a Retro Mood this morning, so it was going to be some Disco.

Taking the first sip of the sweet concoction, I grabbed the laptop and did some professional research.   My mornings are geared around keeping Professionally Fit, so there's a lot of reading to do.

The music was playing in the background until there was a song I hadn't heard in a while.   That particular song really hit the spot.  I was in a Cerrone mood.  Some Symphonic Disco for the morning routine instead of the usual Uplifting Trance.

That was when I decided to try to push the music just a bit louder.

Oscar the parrot has a constant background chatter.   There's a trick.  Try to get the music so he isn't getting into the whole groove of it all.   After all, Parrots do Dance. 

If you want to listen to anything loud here, get the headphones out.  Noise cancelling headphones are the best for that.

However, this day Oscar was having none of it.

Why?  Well, this Green "Old Buzzard" does a pretty passable imitation of a String Section in an old Disco hit.

Between Cerrone's Paradise playing a rhythmic background and Oscar joining in to add an extra Violin-whistle, this house was anything but quiet.

Instead of begrudging the old bird his pleasure, I did the next best thing.   I grabbed those headphones, then searched for the track below.  Happily cancelling out the background noise once the radio went onto another song that I didn't care for, I changed the channel to some uplifting trance, then stopped it.

Headphones on, I was able to get my fill while letting the green bird have his.  Besides, every time I get stuck on Cerrone, I end up listening to more than just that one track.  Force of habit I'm afraid.

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