Thursday, May 30, 2013

Houseguests and Rack the Shy Dog

Believe it or not, I didn't intend to write about my dog again today.  On the other hand, I've got a house guest. 

David had arrived from Key West for his vacation, first in two years.  This means that the normal routine of running a house has been changed.

Rack, on the other hand, is a rather rigid puppy.   He just doesn't like Change.

I had that pointed out to me by David.

When David first walked in the door, Rack was on his mat in the living room.  That day we had just had dinner with Billy and Lisa from across the street for Memorial Day.  Nice folks, and a great meal.  Beef Kebabs and all the trimmings.  In fact, I think there's still some leftover for lunch today.

Billy and Lisa went back home, and I puttered in the kitchen getting the dishwasher ready.

Rack being the Stealth Dog, sat quietly on that mat of his.

The door opened.  RwooowoooBARK!

He still looks confused when he does make a sound.  The next thing he does is to look at me as if to ask if it was OK for him to do so.

We then got David settled and realized we were minus one dog.  He ran into the bedroom to hide from the new stranger.

This has gone on all week.  David gets up, Rack watches.  If David surprises Rack by walking around the corner unnoticed, he'll get grumbled at and the evil eye. 

He may not be a proper watch dog, but he certainly is getting the point across.

David has a habit of going out back to smoke.  I won't have any sort of smoking in my house, so that's the bargain.  I even push the popcorn popper out the window in order to keep the smell outside.  It makes the neighbors want some coffee as well.

We noticed that Rack is an opportunist, as well as being Shy.  He would walk out to the back door, a double sized glass sliding door, and watch David from afar.  He's a Shy Sly Dog.  When David gets too close, there's a scrabble of paws on the floor and 39 pounds of black and white McNab Dog come flying into the main part of the house.

If he's feeling bold, he'll go to the mat and give everyone an evil eye then settle down.

If he's not, it's into the crate.

Routine is especially important when you have a young dog, or a new one for that matter.   Having house guests breaks routine.  I'm forever emptying the sink into the dishwasher or putting the lid down on the toilet.

I can't stand the thought of a dog drinking from a toilet when a full bowl of water is in the kitchen.

So routine has to wait a while, much to the annoyance of Mr Dog.

He's not even given free reign of the house when it is empty because he can be a chewer.

That and when I got out of the bathroom today at 5:30AM, I was greeted by a dark house and a dog on my bed.

Off!  That won't do.  No Dirty Dogs on the Bed.   I know where you walk!  You don't know where those feet have been!

Silly mutt!   I know you feel safer with me nearby, but I'm not sharing the bed with you.  I take too much room as it is!

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