Monday, May 27, 2013

REM Sleep? No thanks, I have a Puppy!

It's going to be a tough morning.  Where's that second mug of espresso?

Yes, it's a training issue.  Or more likely, an issue of someone sleeping all day so they're awake all night.

Of course I'm talking about my puppy, Rack, who do you think I'm talking about?

Naw, it's the dog.  In fact, I'm sitting here watching him sleep right now.   Of course he's sleeping right now, the sun is up, the birds are singing, the parrots are screaming, and the winds are coming off the ocean. 

Oooh Riptide warning! Let's go swimming!

The whole ritual of going to sleep gets complicated when you have a puppy, and also have "things".  What kind of "things"?  Anything chewable.   Soft toys are fine since there are his toys and there are my toys which are also His.  If it's in reach, it's a toy.   Remember that stress ball?  Gone in a flash.  The Pooh Bear you had since you were five?  Gutted and poofs of stuffing all over the place.

Ok, the Pooh Bear I made up. 

Yes, he likes to chew soft toys.   Especially when he's bored.  Good thing right?  He's finally learning to play with toys.  Better than last week.  Last week is why he still sleeps in the crate.

Last week he chewed the tiles on the floor.  You said it, I have tasty tasty ceramic tile floors.  Beige must taste nice once or twice.

Caught him doing that once so now we know that he's just "not ready" to sleep outside of the crate.

Now why would that be a problem?   Puppy.  One word.

Not enough?  Ok a few more words:  Puppy Separation Anxiety.  Specifically at 2.30AM.

So the dog's crate is in the master bedroom, 4 feet away from where my head rests on the pillow.  That stopped the whining.   The crate door is open, he can come and go as he pleases, but the room is blocked so that he can't leave and can only get into an area that's as big as a queen sized mattress.

Long way to go for a setting to a story wasn't it?

Yesterday we had to go out.  Errands to be done, after all there is a pie chilling in the fridge.  Locking Mr Dog up in the crate is just the way things are. 

Yours Truly?  I have a soft spot.  Feeling guilty, I loaded up the Big Kong up with goodies.   It's a red rubber octagon that the dog has to work to get the goodies out. 

He had his fun with the Kong while we were out, but there were still a few things in it since he is still small.   Too small to bite down to get the stuff out.   Lettie would find the opening of the toy, clamp her mouth around it and tilt the head back while biting.  Amazing to see, she'd get a mouth full of goodies in a heartbeat.

So much for the Lets Use The Kong To Keep The Dog Busy theory.

Rack doesn't really know how to do this, he is just learning how to play after being a shut down dog.

He also thinks the perfect time to start playing with a rubber ball inside of a crate is 12:30AM.

For a solid hour it was a repetitive lick lick lick on the ball.  That would rattle the crate.  The crate would rattle my cage.

So if you think I am groggy, it's because the Honey Cinnamon energy drink hasn't kicked in after the morning espresso. 

But the Kong?   Well it's sitting in the living room, quite a long way away from that crate.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to nod off now...


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