Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Guy Goes to the Doctor for a Respiratory Ailment - Humor

A guy goes to the doctor for a respiratory ailment

He says he's been coughing day and night for a week. His throat hurts all the time and he can't sleep.

The doctor examines him and notices he has a very distinct cough. "You're in luck," the doctor says. "Your illness is rare, but I happen to know of an excellent treatment for it. It may sound quite strange to you though, so please bear with me for a moment."

The patient coughs again. "I'll try anything, doc."

The doctor sits down across from him. "About two years ago I read a remarkable paper from a colleague of mine. There's a little-known resort town in Florida that's built up a boardwalk along the ocean as an entertainment destination. Like a smaller version of Atlantic City's famous Steel Pier. Anyway, one of the attractions there was a very small zoo. Only a few animals, but some happened to be members of the great ape family. The veterinarian who took care of these apes noticed that they had unusually healthy lung capacity. He compared test results with other zoos all around the world, even in the apes' native countries. Nowhere else did they have healthier lungs. And while it hasn't been conclusively proven yet, I believe the sea breeze in this one specific area has some kind of cleansing effect on lung tissue. I've recommended to several patients that they spend a week-long vacation there. Everyone who's done so has come back and told me that they had a fantastic time and their condition has cleared up 100%. How does that sound?"

The patient rubs his chin in thought. "Sounds better than cough syrup," he admits. "Though I gotta say, I'm not too keen on traveling to any place known for its gorilla wharf air."

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