Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rack, The Ridiculously Photogenic Dog - Picture and Video

I've been trying to get Rack to be more involved.  When he's indoors, he is very low impact still.  He's still that Shy Dog that I was told about when we adopted him, but he's opening up.

After a week plus of having him here, he still hasn't explored the entire house.   There's a spot in front of the couch in the living room between it and the coffee table that he's adopted as a lair.  He'll lay on the floor absorbing the cool almost all day.

When I stand up to do something, he'll look up and I'll get a wag or three out of his tail, sometimes a smile, and he'll go back to being mellow and lazy.

Since he's afraid of doors, yes, doors, I have to make an effort to get him outside.  Once he's outside, he's a different dog.   He's engaged, although still very laid back.  It's giving me an excuse to go out and weed the pots and planter boxes in the yard.   When I go from side to side on the yard, he'll wait until I'm at a spot before he will wander over.

The other day I was weeding the Mango tree's pot, and he plopped himself down, in the sun.  Absorbing power for a later charge-up, I'm assuming.  I looked over, got a tail wag and a smile and he went back to grooving on the Springtime sunshine.

A goodly sniff of what was on the air was in order when I realized that I had brought the camera out for a reason.   This dog was posing whether he realized it or not.  It's not even the best pose, although it is the best picture.

Ask anyone who takes a lot of pictures and they'll tell you about the one that got away.  It's something that any photographer worth their nose spot on the back of the SLR will tell you they have in common with a fisherman.

The nice thing is that if you have the camera with you, you can capture some memories before they move out of the sun and plant themselves under the bougainvillea to be weeded around.

It's only been a week and a half, but this shy little guy is blossoming.  Every day is something new.  Neighbors are noticing more confidence and he's more engaging.   He has dogs in the neighborhood that he really enjoys meeting.  We approach them and he's making little squeals of excitement and joy.   That says a lot for a dog who was cowering in the corner of an extremely noisy shelter just three weeks ago before he landed at The Dog Liberator in Deltona.

Thanks, Kevin for the Video!

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