Thursday, May 23, 2013

Again With The Hoagies? - Picture

Yeah, again.   I guess if everyone has their own particular "Ethnic Food", a proper Italian Hoagie or any other for that matter, is mine.

Since I can't get the right rolls here, this hoagie was better than some but not quite right.   I may be baking some bread today as a result.  I can get the right crisp on my pizza dough recipe.

Over the weekend we were in a feedback loop between me, my cousin in NY, and my sister back in New Jersey.   Discussions went back and forth about the foods we had when we were growing up.   All that stuff you took for granted and thought would be around forever, aren't.

When Mom and Dad are gone, most of their recipes are as well.  No matter how good a record keeper your 'rents are, there are always a nuance here and there that get lost.

In my case, it's the amazing water that we got from the Cohansey Aquifer and the Delaware River Watershed.

If I ever manage to get back to Philly, I am going to get a 5 gallon Carboy and fill it with that amazing tap water my sister has in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.   If you know someone coming down from Jersey, have them pack a gallon of water for me, Ok?  I just may be able to get a good loaf of bread then!

We're not talking Artisanal bread shops here, I have had some excellent Artisanal breads here in South Florida.  The problem is that I was able to produce those same results with the same recipes up North - it really is the water down here that isn't quite right for baking.

But the hoagie was fine.  I went to Doris' and got some excellent Soppressatta, Hot Capicola, and Hot Proscuitto, Sharp Provolone, and the veg and made that up.  Nice dinner for one.  

If I could have found some Extra Sharp Provolone it would have been better...  Hmmmm.

Oh that brown stuff on the roll?  Balsamic Vinegar.  My choice there, Mom would have used Wine Vinegar from that bottle of Chianti from the holidays six months back that "turned".   Best stuff around!

I think this weekend we're going to make up some Marinara.   I have some sausages I intend to toss in the sauce and make up a sandwich just like when we were kids...

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