Monday, May 6, 2013

Honeybell Orange Blossom Picture

Wandering around the yard with a camera, you see some things pop up in Spring. 

My front yard that day smelled sweet, and floral.  The Honeybell Orange Tree was in Blossom.

That doesn't mean that there will be oranges on the tree.  I've had some bad luck the last few years.  Last year, nothing.  I didn't get a single fruit.   In fact, we were worried that the tree was done for.

This tree is too close to the carport, too close to the fence.  While oranges grow well in this town, and in Broward County, they don't like to be "too hot". 

Over the winter, we made sure it got its fair share of water when the twice weekly irrigation was done.   The drip feed lines were extended and pipes run out to the tree.   It also gets some water from the air conditioning as well.  May as well use that water instead of creating a home for more of my pet mosquitoes and algae. 

Every year we fret about this tree, but somehow it manages to hang on.  I want to dig it up and move it to a new spot, but I am afraid it would hate the experience and give up on us. 

One year that it did give fruit, I had the pleasure of walking to the yard, picking a ripe honeybell, and standing in the yard while eating it.  Yes, the Florida Trifecta of Home Ownership was won - the ability of growing fruit, eating it off your own tree, and doing so in your yard on a pleasant day.  That was pointed out to me by a tourist who was walking down the street.

No, I didn't give him the other orange from the tree.  It was a very small crop.

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