Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Can Someone From Key West be a Snowbird?

I got the call just 24 hours before:  Can you pick me up at the airport in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow around 2?

That's my fault.  After many false starts, David finally gets his week off.  It's January, and this is his week off from August. 

Time management issues aside, I'm glad to play host.  After all, I can always throw an extra egg on the griddle or make a double batch of something.  Is that really "extra"?  Not on your life.

So as the week progresses, I spend the time getting caught up on things.   He comes and spends the day with someone here who is trying to convince him to "move up here", or rather I should say "someone else here" who is.  Key West is a beautiful island but it "ain't what it used to be".

It is kind of amusing to watch someone on vacation.  They ask directions and get them wrong.  You'll get a panicked phone call from time to time, but by this point, David knows his way around town.  Since this is a very compact area, and he doesn't want to Do The Beach Thing, I don't have to move the car much.

No, you may not borrow the Jeep, I'll drive.  It's a stick shift and you are decidedly, British.

Besides, there's rumors of a Friday lunch at the big Chinese Buffet.  I'll make sure to wear the loose pants that day.

I've already repaired two of his computers, so I can put my feet up and let things happen.  He will get me out of the house at some point.  I know of this thrift shop that he likes to walk into and buy too many clothes to take back, and I could always use a new pile of kitchen gadgets.

The only drawback is the dog.  He's skittish on a good day, and while he doesn't mind David, this is His House after all.  So he's off his food.  I'm now feeding a dog in special places like under the table that he adopted as his second crate, or just setting the food bowl on his foot so he will have to move it to get up.  Lazy Critter, you need to eat.

Since the decaf has been disappearing, I will be roasting extra coffee too.  The neighborhood will smell nice before the fronts come in later this week and cool off the world for a while.  Roasting coffee in the cold weather will slow things down and throws off my brew.  Can't have that!

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